Specialists in real estate lawAs soon as you enter our office you will sense that we are not a traditional law firm.

We believe we will only have helped you properly when you no longer need us. We are a firm that is keen to share ideas with you in order to find a solid solution that best suits your situation. You can expect us to always try to achieve the best possible result.
Our firm focuses on entrepreneurs and private individuals. We specialise in real estate, neighbours' rights and obligations, the law governing Owners' Associations, rent law, construction law and debt collection law.

We are creative, ingenious and never give up. In short, we offer everything you could hope for from a law firm.


What we doHow can we help you?

Do you need advice about real estate, a dispute about the site boundary with a project developer or a neighbour, renovation work within an Owners' Association, a disagreement about a lease, or a party that is failing to pay? With a team of passionate specialists we are able to help entrepreneurs and private individuals make progress by offering them workable solutions.

We are clear about the opportunities, risks and costs.

"No ivory tower, but both feet on the ground."

Contact Please do not hesitate to contact us or stop by

Please telephone, mail or make an appointment for an informal introductory chat. You can find our office at Panamalaan 112 in the Oostelijk Havengebied area of Amsterdam.
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