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LAWYER/OWNERAnnemarie Govers-Schotten

Annemarie is hugely knowledgeable about the real estate market. Before she was admitted to the Netherlands Bar [Nederlandse Orde van Advocaten] (1998), she worked as a lawyer and real estate expert at the Development Agency of the Municipality of Amsterdam [Ontwikkelingsbedrijf Amsterdam] (OGA). She is also a qualified estate agent and professional mediator.
She is passionate about her work and about helping her clientele, which includes lessors and lessees of commercial property, real estate developers, estate agents, Owners’ Associations and private individuals. Throughout the years Annemarie has specialised in neighbours’ rights and obligations, the law governing Owners’ Associations, rent law and problems relating to the ownership of immovable property.

LawyerSarah van der Salm

Sarah was admitted to the Bar after obtaining her degree in Dutch law in Amsterdam in 2009. She is part of the Amstel Advocaten team since 2011. Among other things she is involved in advising and conducting legal proceedings in the field of tenancy law. Sarah assists landlords and tenants and and has a good eye for the interests of both. She is a real problem solver.

Sarah also advises many local Owners’ Associations and assists Owners’ Association members who do not feel their voice is being heard. Her day-to-day work also covers construction law and disputes relating to servitudes.

Sarah speaks Dutch and English fluently.

LawyerSebastiaan Kieffer

Sebastiaan was admitted to the Bar in 2014. After that, Sebastiaan gained wide-ranging experience in company law, insolvency law and VvE law. His real passion is real estate law.

He litigates and advises specifically in the field of the law governing Owners’ Associations, neighbours’ rights and obligations, rent law and attachment and execution law. As a result, Sebastiaan is regularly in court.

Besides his court-based work he frequently gives presentations about new legal developments to various companies, associations or interest groups such as firms of bailiffs, associations of estate agents, business associations and Owners’ Associations.

LawyerBob de Jager

Bob is part of our team since 2016.  At first he worked at Amstel Advocaten as a trainee and since his graduation in October 2020 as paralegal. In March 2021 Bob started with the renewed professional training for lawyers at the Dutch Bar Association (NOvA). In this training the core values of lawyers are explicitly anchored. Bob’s keen legal eye is a key asset in his work for Amstel Advocaten. He is calm, enthousiastic, responsible and reliable.

AdvocaatKavish Ori

Kavish was sworn in as a lawyer in 2022 and has been part of Amstel Advocaten since 2024.

He obtained a master’s degree in Private Law, Commercial Legal Practice from the University of Amsterdam and subsequently worked as a lawyer for two years at an Amsterdam law firm specialized in construction and procurement law.

Kavish is astute, committed and goes the extra mile for his clients.

He specializes in civil real estate law with a focus on construction law, rental law, neighbor law and homeowners’ association law. If you would like to know more about these topics, read our blogs.

Kavish has both an advisory and litigation practice.

He  is an enthusiastic golf and padel player and, just like in the office, always goes for the win.

Kavish speaks Dutch and fluent English and is a member of the Association for Construction Law and the Friends of Surinamese Law Foundation (SVSR).

Legal assistentAdriana Czeschla

Adriana Czeschla has been working at Amstel Advocaten since 2023 as an office manager/legal assistant.

She has now completed her HBO Law education with a minor in ‘Digital Forensic Research’.Adriana completed her final internship at Amstel Advocaten and wrote a valuable thesis on the ‘Fixed Rental Contracts Act’. She will start studying law in September.

With her drive and professionalism, Adriana ensures that everything within our office runs smoothly, so that we can offer our customers the best possible service.

We are excited to have her as part of our team and look forward to growing and achieving success together.

Adriana speaks Dutch, English and Polish.

Legal assistentEmma van Bruggen

Since 2023, Emma van Bruggen has strengthened our Amstel Advocaten team as a secretary and legal assistant. With her extensive experience in the hospitality industry, Emma brings a unique combination of good communication skills, customer focus and efficiency to our office.

In her fourth year of study, she completed her second internship with us and wrote her thesis on ‘the Good Landlordship Act’. She has now successfully completed her HBO Law studies, including a minor in Human Resource Management. In September she will continue her learning path by studying Law in Amsterdam.

Emma is quick and quick, making her an indispensable force within our team.

With Emma van Bruggen on board, we know that our clients are always in good hands.

Law firm registration

The lawyers mentioned below have registered in the following main (and sub) legal areas in the register of legal areas of the Netherlands Bar:

a. Mr. A. Govers-Schotten is registered in the field of Real Estate Law (including Construction Law, Neighborhood Law, Easements), in the field of Tenancy Law (including Residential Space and Business Space) and Civil Procedural Law;

b. Mr. S.M. van der Salm is registered in the field of Real Estate Law (including Construction Law, Neighborhood Law, Easements) and in the field of Tenancy Law (including Residential Space and Business Space);

c. Mr. S.R. Kieffer is registered in the field of Real Estate Law (including Construction Law, Neighborhood Law, Easements) and in the field of Civil Procedural Law (including Seizure and Execution Law, Arbitration).

d. Mr. R.A.P. de Jager is registered in the field of Tenancy Law (including Residential Space and Business Space);

Based on this registration, they are obliged to obtain ten training points every calendar year in each registered main legal area in accordance with the standards of the Dutch Bar Association.

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