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Areas of lawWe are specialists in the following areas of law:

We focus on both entrepreneurs and individuals. We specialize in real estate, neighborly law, VvE law, tenancy law, construction law, easements and issues related to prescription.
Almost everyone becomes involved in a building contract at some time or other. After all, alteration work can vary from painting to repairs to a building's foundations. Disputes can arise between a contractor and a client. For example, a contractor's work may be substandard, or the client may refuse to pay. We are there to help you in situations like these.
Neighbours' rights and obligations can lead to problems relating to site boundaries, a servitude, nuisance, damage due to building alterations or, for example, disputes about ownership due to time limitation. Private individuals, Owners' Associations and companies may face these kinds of problems. Amstel Advocaten has a great deal of experience with neighbours' rights and obligations and is fully conversant with the latest jurisprudence in this area.
Real estate practice has shown that a well-thought-out contract can prevent a great deal of disputes. Such disputes might relate to a contract of sale, an agreement commission contract with an estate agent or a building contract. Specific contracts require specific knowledge of the law and developments on the market. Amstel Advocaten has the necessary knowledge and can help you draw up a watertight contract.
Amstel Advocaten is an expert when it comes to collecting cash claims at the expense of the debtor. The art is to collect the money without having to initiate legal proceedings. Amstel Advocaten sends a standard demand in the form of a draft summons and that is usually enough to cause the debtor to pay the principal sum plus the interest and costs.
Amstel Advocaten has 30 years of experience in the field of rent law. Our clientele includes tenants and landlords, estate agents and managers of residential homes and commercial real estate. We can advise you on how to draw up leases and assist you with conducting legal proceedings.
Because real estate is a very specific specialist field where parties may come across each other and need each other on a regular basis, Amstel Advocaten has become a specialist in mediation in real estate cases.
Real estate law covers all areas of law relating to immovable property. These include rent law, the law governing Owners' Associations and the law on neighbours' rights and obligations. Real estate law also includes unique problems relating to real estate transactions, auctions and the seizing and enforced sale of immovable property. Our lawyers have a great deal of experience and affinity with real estate and the real estate market in Amsterdam.
The Owners' Association is a much talked about topic among residents of Amsterdam. The law governing Owners' Associations throws up all kinds of questions about, for example, nuisance, holiday letting, building maintenance, municipal notifications with regard to foundation repairs and the related decision-making. The lawyers of Amstel Advocaten can advise and initiate legal proceedings not only in this area of law, but can also give presentations to, for example, large Owners' Associations and interest groups.

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